About Lee Ann

My career has been pretty unconventional. At 18 I left home to work as a theatrical wig & makeup designer in some of the biggest opera houses in the US and Canada.

From there, I moved to New York City where I had the chance to train with and work along side of some truly amazing artists as a hairstylist at the prestigious Warren Tricomi Salon on 5th Avenue.

In 2012 I created AtHome Beauty to bring my 20+ years of unique beauty industry experience back to my hometown of Pittsburgh.

“AtHome Beauty about art, it’s about luxury, and it’s about feeling AtHome with yourself in your own sense of beauty.

I believe in a natural, refined beauty. Everything I do is meant to enhance the woman, never cover her up.

Casual & effortless, feminine with a bit of an edge. Subtle enhancements that make a big impact.

That’s my kind of beauty!”


AtHome Beauty is dedicated to using only the finest, all natural, cruelty-free products in our services. We believe beauty should do no harm.


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