DIY AtHome Beauty: Family Edition

A while back my Littles became obsessed with bath-bombs after my husband was kind enough to pick me up a few when he happened past a Lush store.  They couldn’t get over how fun they were to drop into their warm bath water and watch them sizzle. And I couldn’t get over the fact that my children were eager to jump into the dreaded bath tub every night.


But it didn't take me long to realize those $6 Lush beauties, combined with my kids’ desire to drop 10 of them into every bath wasn't going to work! In search of a better solution. I found myself researching DIY bath bombs that the Littles and I could make together. After trying a few variations, we now have success.  And since I love to share great little secrets…  Here is our go-to recipe. (We purchase our supplies from Bulk Apothecary.)
Dry ingredients: add to glass bowl and whisk to combine
8oz baking soda
4oz corn starch
4oz citric acid
4oz Epsom salts
Wet ingredients: add to jar and shake to combine
2-3 tsp water
2 tsp essential oil
2 ½ tsp castor oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil
2-3 drops food color if desired
Slowly add wet ingredients into dry as not to activate citric acid. Whisk until evenly incorporated and mixture resembles wet sand. Pack tightly into desired molds to shape bombs. ( Ours are from IKEA.) Carefully unmold and allow to dry 8-10 hours or overnight.  Package as gifts or store in a cool, dry place until ready to use.
Makes 2 large bath bombs or 15-20 mini bath bomb tablets.