Holiday DIY: Vintage sled

I love beautifully decorated vintage wooden sleds that grace your holiday entry way. IMG_0761

Charming, right?

But if you've happened upon a little beauty like the one pictured in some quaint little shop, you know that the price tag for this guy can be a hundred, if not hundreds of dollars!

That's a hefty price tag for the front porch if you ask me...

So, this past spring when I came across a vintage wooden sled in excellent condition at an estate sale, I couldn't resist picking it up and trying my hand at making one of my own.

I got my sled for $25 at a local estate sale. Next came a bunch of holiday greens from Trader Joe's for $4.99.  Instead of the bell, I customized a wooden ornament that I found in the dollar bin at Target.  And keeping with the inspiration photo, I chose a gingham  ribbon (I found a huge spool on sale 70% off at Michael's for $7.99). Grab the green floral wire and it's time to start assembling

So, ready to see the finished product?


Here is the inspiration and the finished project side by side.


With a total cost of less than $40, I think my DIY looks great and was a fraction of the cost  of the antique shops.  I even had plenty of ribbon left over to update my front door wreaths to complete the look.