Being a mom is my full time gig. I'm also a small business owner and artist. Which is why I like to call myself a "Mompreneur"  It's a delicate balance but I honestly wouldn't want it any other way. I know you probably think this blog post is going to be about my children and my life as a mother.

In a way, you're right.  But I'm terribly private about my human children so instead I'll just share a little glimpse of what life is like with my third babe- my REALLY bad one!

Let me introduce you to Turkelton. My sweet, sweet Turkelton.


Pretty cute, huh?  And it's a good thing! Because, behind those big puppy dog eyes, lies a bulldog with all of his stubborn ways. But he's also my constant companion as the kids grow and find their independence from mom.

He's always by my side, at my feet, in my kitchen! He helps me watch over the kids and is my official mashed potato taster! Always hungry and always ready for an adventure, he's guaranteed to be a clown and usually into some sort of trouble. There hasn't been a dull moment since he's joined the family. Mompreneur of all variety of kiddos!