Body Positivity

DSC-86 6 brave women came to together on a cold March morning to do something a little out of the norm.  Each woman had struggled in their life to accept a part of their body, and on that morning they would come and embrace their flaws and imperfections, and stand confidently in front of the camera to show the world.


The idea of a body positivity shoot was the brain child of Amanda Cowan, founder of GRLPWR Pittsburgh and A. Faye PR, who had struggled with her own body image after the birth of her daughter.

Amanda enlisted the aid of photographer (and my good friend) Elizabeth Craig of Elizabeth Craig Photography to tell the story and an epic shoot was born!

Amanda was also one of our models, embracing her stretch marks that she has struggled to accept.

During the shoot, I had the privilege to work with, and provide hair and makeup for two gorgeous women, Juliette and Kelsey.

Juliette had struggled with the size of her chest since adolescence.  It's taken her a while to love her body and embrace her curves, but look at her now:

Next I got the chance to work with Kelsey. Kelsey has always been insecure about her thighs and remembered being teased in middle school. While accepting and loving her body is still a work in progress, she came out and took some amazing photographs!

Well done Ladies. Well done!