Who do you trust with your image: Personal Branding basics

Welcome to the digital age! Your image is now your business card and often times, the first impression you make in many personal and nearly ALL professional instances. And you know this... so, you do your research and hire a great photographer. One that's sure to capture exactly what you want the world to see.  But who do you trust to help you look your best in those photos?  That's where I come in.

Beauty for personal branding is a subtle art. You consider your industry and what you are trying to covey with your photos when choosing wardrobe, so it's important to ask those same questions when planning your hair and makeup. You want to look your best, but still casual... Polished, but not overdone... Professional, but approachable...  And my natural style of hair and makeup lends itself so well to finding this perfect balance.

Here are a few examples of branding shoots that came together perfectly!

For Wellness, Fitness and BeachBody Coaches showing their passion for workouts.

But showing a more personal side is important in this business.

Professional, natural beauty.



I take my own advice and only trust professionals with my image!

All images courtesy of Elizabeth Craig Photography.  She's a master of capturing a woman with her camera.  And I know! I'm also a (very happy) client.