NBR: Natural Beaded Rows... what is it?

Alright friends. So by now you've probably seen quite a few posts on my social media feeds about NBR, also known as Natural Beaded Row hair extensions.  And if you're anything like me before I started this journey over the summer, you probably don't have a the first idea of what Natural Beaded Row hair extensions actually are, or why a person might want them. So, let me break it down for you.

Natural Beaded Rows is a method of hair extensions developed by Danielle White, a hairstylist based in Laguna Beach, California, who had worn hair extensions for years and was unhappy with all of the other methods available.  So she developed and spent years refining a technique and now teaches and certifies other stylists on the method.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXTbx_86Fi8&w=560&h=315]

I love to share the above video so you can actually see the method.  The end result is so simple and clean because the process uses the highest quality hand tied hair that is seamlessly custom colored and cut for the most natural extensions I've ever seen!

In the few short weeks since returning home from the training in Laguna Beach, I've had the pleasure to work with six beautiful women to transform their current hair into their dream hair...

I think the results speak for themselves!


Worn curly or straight for a little added length and tons of volume

9F87B61E-444E-407A-BDA9-BD057120F582Helping to grow past that stubborn just-past the shoulder length

A6516241-A2D7-403C-A13C-F270DA2F6F43After the big chop! She instantly wanted her long hair back and I could give it to her!

0F336BB0-0883-4027-9C15-FE981A3FA0A8Even curly girls can wear NBR!

So, what could your transformation look like?!? Lets chat soon...