From my family to yours...


A holiday wish from my family to yours: may your holiday season be one of intentional balance!

Yes, it feels like the already hectic pace of life goes into over-drive this time of year. But I urge you to pause every now and again to remember what's really important.

Every day we hustle. But let's not forget who and why we hustle so hard. We hustle for them. We hustle for the ones we love, for a better life.

At a time of year when we can stretch ourselves so thin, be careful to be mindful of where your energy goes. "You cannot pour from an empty cup" is a favorite quote I always go back to from Steph Gaudreau, and it seems all the more appropriate during the holidays.

So this holiday season, desk the halls, bake the cookies, attend the events and hit the stores. And build a cozy fire and snuggle in with the ones you love. Play in the snow. Laugh and recharge your batteries by surrounding yourself with simple joy.

Make the memories and take some time to live that good life, my friends.